My name is Megan and I grew up outside of Milwaukee. Every Christmas Eve, family would gather at our house for a huge party full of snacks and drinks. My job in preparing for the party was to pull out the good glassware from the china cabinet and wash the heavy highball glasses.

I learned at a young age to make Old Fashioned cocktails for our guests. We used a mix, added extra bitters, ice, my Grandpa's home-made brandy and a splash of 50/50. I loved to take a plastic sword and stab the cherries, add an orange slice and sometimes even an olive then deliver the drinks.

I have never gone to bartending school and I am no expert. I just have a fascination of strange Wisconsin culture and love that this drink that seems to bring a lot of people together.

There are SO many bars in Wisconsin and have always wondered where the best place to go for a good Old Fashioned would be... so this is my journey. 



  1. I like to consider myself an old fashioned connoisseur, so I quite love the idea of this blog! Although I prefer my oldfashioned brandy sweet with olives, the rest of my family enjoys the Southern Comfort sours. Keep up the good work and I'll try the brandy sour sometime with you when I'm up in Oshkosh!

  2. Fo sure! Thanks for the lovely comment. :)

  3. A great old fashion is brandy, not whiskey! Glad you had great home training.