Thursday, July 19, 2012

Algoma Club

My first review comes from a meeting with the local Jaycees at the Algoma Club. We visited on a Tuesday evening and the room was closed for our private event.

My brandy old fashioned sour was mixed by a tall male bartender, sorry no name! He started by throwing an orange, a maraschino cherry, a sugar cube, a splash of bitter and a shot & splash of Korbel (unconfirmed). The ingredients were grinded and smashed with a wooden mortar. The short glass was then filled with ice and the sour soda (brand unknown) was added. Served with a straw. I did not request garnishes nor was I asked if I wanted any.

I feel like it was a bit sweet for a sour old fashioned, but I think that is because a whole cube of sugar was used. The glass seemed smaller in volume than some shorties, but at $2.50 a drink, you can't beat the price! I am not sure if their price is usually this low or if it was happy hour pricing or if it was because of our "private event". The atmosphere of the Algoma Club is hard to beat with the wonderful polished wooden floors and bar. I love the neon lights behind the bar and the bartender was nice. The owners of the Algoma Club are awesome and I look forward to trying out Manila, the Thai restaurant, when it opens.

Rating (out of 5 olives)

Algoma Club
103 Algoma Boulevard

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