Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kodiak Jacks

My husband and I headed out to Kodiak Jack's this past Saturday, which gave me the perfect opportunity for my second review. This place could almost pass for a super club with it's decor, but since it is so huge, I can't call it a super club. Instead, I would refer to it as a steak house.

We bellied up to the bar and I ordered a brandy old fashioned sour. The gentlemen bartender asked what type of garnish I wanted and I requested olives. I asked him if it was OK for me to take pictures while he assembled the drink and he gave me a weird look. I told him it was for a blog in which I review drinks. He immediately got a bit flustered and told me that he would "make it the good way then". I questioned what this meant, he only said I should request the drink muddled. I wonder if I wouldn't have mentioned my reviewing, if he would have used a mix.

He started by adding 1 orange slice, 2 cherries and a shake of the loose sugar. He muddled the ingredients, then added the bitters and rail brandy (as requested), Christian Brothers. I didn't notice exactly how much brandy he put in, but by the taste of the drink, it wasn't much. He finished the drink off with a couple of sprays of sour (A Coke product sour, he was unsure of the type) and 2 olives. 

I stirred my drink and the first sip was quite sour. I noticed he went very easy on the loose sugar. I am OK with this, as I prefer the drink to be more sour than sweet. Overall, the drink lacked in flavor, I think it was due to the mediocre brandy and not much of it-- took much soda in the drink and not enough bitters and brandy. The drink was still quite refreshing and far better than a pre-mix drink. The drink cost was $3.50, which I think is fair for the type of restaurant.

Rating (out of 5 olives)

Kodiak Jack's Steak and Seafood Restaurant 
2059 Witzel Avenue 

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