Monday, July 23, 2012

The Bar

Tonight I had a meeting at The Bar with a few friends to discuss an event. On the way there, I saw the strangest thing...

I just had to share. Random right?

Anyways, we arrived at The Bar around 6pm. On Mondays, they have "Double Bubble" until 7pm. We sat at a table since we had some business to discuss and others in the group were ordering food. This meant that I would be unable to see the drink being made. I ordered a brandy old fashioned sour with olives. 

When my drink was delivered, I asked the waitress a couple of questions on how it was made-- all she could tell me was that the rail brandy was Aristocrat. Why would she know what was in the drink? She only worked there...

The drink was served in a pint glass (and she brought over the second one right away as well, my friend took the liberty of taste testing that one). This drink was definitely made with a pre-mix and had one maraschino cherry at the bottom of the glass. The drink tasted boozy, which of course can be a good thing. The Aristocrat brandy wasn't "stingy" and actually enjoyable; however the rest of the drink didn't have much depth to it like a muddled drink with fresh ingredients. The drink was $5.00 (for a pint) and since it was "Double Bubble", the second one was free.

Overall, I cannot give The Bar a very high rating. I don't care how delicious the drink is, if the service is horrible, I won't be able to enjoy my beverage. The waitress forgot to put in a drink and food order, the food took forever (a table next to us, who arrived 15 minutes after us had a pizza finished before my friends got their food!) and when the food did arrive, some of it was missing! It was not an enjoyable experience.

Rating (out of 5 olives)
The Bar
825 North Washburn Street

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