Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brooklyn Grill

I was really debating on writing this review--not because I disliked my experience, quite the contrary. Instead, it is because I feel so biased in writing this review! You see, Brooklyn Grill has been my "watering hole" the past few years. 

I discovered this little gem a couple of years ago.  I had a coupon and my husband and I went on a Friday night. I loved the ambiance,  I was enamored with their delicious martinis and the menu was quite diverse for a bar. The menu is mostly pub food, but having a couple of salads on the menu, makes it a perfect stop for us. We immediately fell in love with the place and was our go-to for an entire winter as the soups and drinks kept us warm and the fun-loving bartenders kept us coming back. 

Yes, that is precisely why I haven't written this post sooner. As I ventured into Brooklyn Grill last Tuesday, my favorite bartender (of anywhere...), Sarah was working. This gal can make your day from horrid to amazing with her flashy smile and witty personality. The fact that she makes an amazing drink is simply the perfect garnish (you know.. the cherry on top!).

I realized when gathering my thoughts in writing this review, she was the one who really cultivated my love for this drink. Every Friday night, after a long week of work, heading down to our favorite bar to relax, enjoy an old fashioned, have a fish fry---it's just so Wisconsin! It makes sense to me, I am not biased in this place, it is the place that holds the standards that I judge and compare all other places to. 

Sarah makes the perfect old fashioned by first squeezing an orange and 3 maraschino cherries into a glass, then adds the bitters and loose sugar. She adds a splash of 50/50 soda (as I have ordered a brandy old fashioned sour) and then the ice. The 2oz of aristocrat brandy is added on top and stirred slightly. The drink was served with 3 olives.

However, this drink is easily a 5 olive rating drink. The brandy is not skimped on, the ingredients are fresh and deliberate. The price is a bit steep at $4.50, but the 2-for-1 happy hour makes it more reasonable. The extra cost is worth it for the warm atmosphere, tasty drink and the sassy bartender.

Rating (out of 5 olives)
Brooklyn Grill
607 South Main Street 

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