Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fin 'n' Feather

Ugh, sorry for lacking on the pictures! I have no good excuse, other than "I forgot" and that I haven't quite made it a habit yet! I will work on that. So, this time around, you only get 2 pictures, as I couldn't really find any other good ones to steal from the internet.

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On Saturday, some friends insisted that we leave our comfort zone and go visit Winneconne to have dinner. They picked us up and we headed over to Fin 'n' Feather. Our friends had gone on their "showboat" before, but never ate inside the actual restaurant and neither had my husband and I. I ordered my typical brandy old fashioned sour with olives.

Since we ordered at the table, I did not get any details on the drink. I am unsure if it was made with a mix, what brand or any of my typical ponderings and observations. Due to those reasons, I will not give an official rating, but an honorable mention. I really enjoyed the drink, it hit the spot. It definitely had at least the 2oz of brandy, as I was feeling warm and fuzzy in no time. It had good depth and was quite enjoyable and was reasonably priced (for a supper club) at $4.00. I recommend that if you find yourself in Winneconne and craving a drink, this one is highly recommended.

Oh and after dinner? We found ourselves kiddy-corner at Tiny's bar. Tiny wasn't there and I didn't order a brandy old fashioned, so nothing else to report there.

Fin 'n' Feather Showboats
400 22 W. Main Street 

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