Sunday, August 26, 2012

Map of Truth: Where Bars Trump Grocery Stores

Courtesy of Flowing Data

Dublin's posted a link to this map last week. This maps shows where in the U.S. there are more bars (red) than grocery stores (yellow) based on the Googlelator. Oh Wisconsin, how I love thee. I know it is immature to be proud of this, but I am! I love the culture of Wisconsin.

I remember hearing a statistic in college, if you have more than 3-5 drinks in a day, you are an alcoholic. If you have a tradition of drinking (a glass of champagne at New Years Eve or green beer at St. Patrick's Day), you are an alcoholic. Hmm.

Someone commented on the above blog link that Wisconsinites prefer to drink in a bar than at home, that we are a social society. I agree! While a drink while watching trash TV can be a great ending to a night, having a happy hour at a local establishment is quite enjoyable.

I never knew how much our drinking habits were different from the rest of the country until I started dating my husband. He is a Michigan native. He was shocked that there was Bloody Mary's and beer at my nephew's baptism. He never had old fashioneds at Christmas nor so much wine at Thanksgiving. 

Is this a wrong outlook? Should I not be so proud of the red dots above?

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  1. Hmm..well working in a grocery store, I feel like there are just enough of these in the state so far (and the competition couldn't handle us so just stay away anyways). I feel like some of the best moments of my life have happened at bars, like getting together with family, visiting old friends, and celebrating the lives of those who have passed on. Bars do bring us together. Plus people-watching is a favorite hobby of mine!