Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Straw or Sip?

I posted an interesting video a couple of days ago that my good friend Laurie passed along. It reminded me of a question that I have pondered whilst reviewing drinks: To straw or not to straw? Should I use the straw or sip from the rim of the glass?

Only fools use straws when it comes to consuming beers. Margarita drinking is never with a straw, as the salt-rimmed glass is a necessity to fully enjoy the sweet and salty drink. And most other drinks are served with a straw rather than, or sometimes in conjunction with, a stirring rod. So what should I do when partaking in a highball?

Mythbusters busted the myth that drinking through a straw makes you drunker quicker; however, that is not my question. What is the best way to enjoy the drink? The straw has you consume the beverage from the bottom of the glass; however, the liquids never touch your lips. Sipping from the glass moistens your lips while consuming the top liquid; however ice cubes can be quite pesky.

Both forms of consumption have their perks depending how the drink is made. I've been at places where the alcohol is one of the first ingredients added and at other places it is the last. Is there a right answer to this? The googlelator did not provide me with anything substantiating either method. Until I find a scientific answer, I will continue to abuse both methods.

Do you use a straw or sip from the rim?


  1. Alright I'll tackle this predicament. To me, sometimes having the liquid bask on your lips after you swallow is one of the best feelings in life. Although, I think I'm mostly a straw person for my liquor. Not only do I like a freshly mixed drink every time I sip, I feel like I need to have something to do sometimes before I sip so that my drink isn't gone 3 minutes after I get it. I need that ability to stir it up (I'm picturing a bloody right now) because a drink with lots of components needs a chance to mingle before I consume (a mouth full of vodka when you're not expecting it can ruin the moment). And normally, I don't get a stirring rod with my drinks that I order. Beers obviously get the mouth treatment. (Side Note: it's 7:05 AM, and I'm thirsty for a bloody...thanks Megan).