Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I'm a bit surprised that I haven't reviewed the Chalice yet. After becoming an adult, graduating from college and having a real person job, going to the Chalice happened quite often for my husband and I. I remember the first time there, we were on a "date night". We went to Menomonee Park and saw the Festival of Lights and then headed to the Chalice. It was perfect as they had a fireplace and great soup to warm us up.

Since then, they have remodeled. They added a new fire place (see above), so there is now 2, plus a new light colored bar, additional lighting and updated some of the tall tables and stools. It is MUCH brighter in there than in the past, but still dimly lit to make it a romantic and cozy place.  At the bar, I ordered the usual, a brandy old fashioned sour with olives.

First the bartender added ice, which is never a good sign. Sigh. Then came Korbel, I was not offered a rail option, this gave me more promise, specially since it was a full shot and half! The bartender added a few, small dashes of bitters, and then, just as I regretted, a bottle of lemon-lime sour mix was pulled out. A couple of splashes of that with a squirt of soda and 2 olives topped the drink.

The sour dominated the drink, but it wasn't horribly sweet or tart. It definitely wasn't the worse mix I have tasted, but it made the drink taste more like a brandy sour, not a brandy old fashioned (this is starting to become a trend...). I think with more bitters the drink could have been saved, as the mix had enough sweet in it to carry it away from the brandy sour title. When I got my change from my $20, I was a bit confused with the nickel. I asked the bartender how much the drink was, she responded "$3.95... I know, odd prices." The price was pretty good considering it had Korbel and was at a restaurant!

Sadly, I am giving the Chalice only 3 olives, and I am being quite generous. The drink had enough alcohol, but wasn't the Wisconsin Old Fashioned that I have been accustomed (spoiled) too. I love this local hole in the wall and has a lot of good memories to it. 

Rating (out of 5)
1741 N. Main St.

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