Friday, March 8, 2013

Fratellos Fieldhouse

I stopped into Fratellos Fieldhouse while waiting on for a few friends for dinner inside Fratellos. The Fieldhouse is attached to Fratellos and focuses on bar food, drinks and sports on multiple TVs. I wasn’t sure what to expect for my drink, as I knew Fratellos used to have several tasty martinis, but has gotten away from that. I ordered the usual, having to specify the olive garnish. The bartender wandered off, grabbed a highball and then came back, asking me what I wanted again. I repeated the order and he nodded and stepped away to make the drink. He added ice to the glass, and then a shot of Aristocrat brandy, a couple of dashes of bitters, a splash of commercial mix, soda and stirred it slightly as he headed back in my direction.

When watching the drink being made, I didn’t think there was a ton of mix in the drink, but the combination of the mix and soda, overpowered the entire drink. It was heavy, syrupy and lacked depth one typically enjoys from this cocktail. For the hefty $4.50 price tag, I expected more than a shot.

While I very much enjoyed the tall ceilings, long cement bar, video BlackJack machine, tons of sports on TV and general atmosphere of the location, I highly recommend staying away from their old fashioneds and order one of their locally made Fox River brews. I enjoy their BLÜ (blueberry ale) the most.

Rating (out of 5)

Fratellos Fieldhouse 
1501 Arboretum Drive

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