Saturday, March 23, 2013


The first time I went to Sakura, a hibachi & sushi place in town, I giggled when I saw the old fashioned on their specialty drink menu. Since then, I have been in there a couple of times, but only to pick-up to-go orders. They have a killer lunch special!

On a Saturday evening, my husband and I went there to meet up with some friends. The place was packed and the bar was crowded. It took several minutes before a bartender took our order. Brandy old fashioned sour for me and captain & coke for the husband.

The bartender started by adding a cherry and orange to the glass and proceeded to muddle – good start. Then he added ice, 2 shots of Aristocrat, soda and then olives. Wait, did I miss something? Did they? No bitters and no sugar were added to the concoction.

The drink tasted that way too. It didn’t have the depth one enjoys in an old fashioned. The crushed orange aroma did tickle the senses, but the actual taste of the drink was lacking. On top of that, the hefty $5 price tag was also displeasing.

Simply stick with the sushi and avoid the old fashioned.

Rating (out of 5 olives)

330 North Koeller St

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