Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blanck's Lake Aire

Blanck’s Lake Aire is the poster child for a Wisconsin supper club. Blancks offers a fairly simple menu—but a tasty one—featuring steak, fish and pork chops. In classic fashion, a salad bar is offered with most entrees. It is a quaint supper club with a huge bar to gather with old friends and an even larger dining area. Bonus: it over looks Lake Winnebago and I believe they have dock parking for your boat. The most unusual thing about Blancks is ordering your food at the bar and being seated when it is close to being ready.

We met up with some friends mid-week and I took the opportunity to order a brandy old fashioned sour. The bartender grabbed a glass and filled it with ice. That is always a bad start. He then added a splash of bitters, filled the glass half full of a commercial mix, followed by 2 shots of Aristocrat brandy and topped it off with soda. The drink was garnished with three olives (one was a little sad looking).

There is not much to elaborate on when you get an old fashioned made with a mix. The drink was quite sour (I believe they used 50/50 for their soda choice) and tasted mostly like a sugar solution. However, the bar area was very clean, the bartenders and wait staff were pleasant and we were provided with a crunchies mix to munch on while waiting for our table. The drink was $3.50.

Blanck’s might be a classic supper club, but they don’t make a classic old fashioned.

Rating (out of 5 olives)

Blanck's Lake Aire 
N8751 Lakeshore Drive 
Fond du Lac

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