Saturday, December 21, 2013

Oblio's Lounge

I have been going to Oblio’s Lounge almost monthly for the past couple of years. I always recognize how great of an old fashioned they make, but taking notes wasn’t a priority. My past visit, I made it a priority.

Midweek, I approached the bar and requested a brandy old fashioned. Todd, owner and bartender, was quick to grab a glass, add a measured shot and half of Christian Brothers  brandy, 1 sugar cube (kept in sealed Tupperware), 3 dashes of bitters, an orange rind and a cherry. He muddled the drink vigorously and thoroughly. When the mixture foamed just the right amount, he added ice and then, I believe, two types of soda. He asked for my garnish preference and topped off the drink.

The color was perfect. The aroma was there. The ambiance couldn’t be topped. I enjoyed the bubbly, sweet beverage in the company of friends and a fireplace. I believe that Todd used club soda for an extra tickle to the nose along with a sour soda. The only thing that could have made this drink any better was a couple more dashes of bitters and 2 full shots of brandy. But that is merely nitpicking the drink. For the price, $3.50, I am not complaining about the shot and half of brandy.

With no hesitation, from my experience thus far, I can say that Oblio’s is the best bar on Main Street in Oshkosh for an old fashioned. Hands down. The drink is finely crafted and the price is more than right.

Rating (out of 5 olives)

Oblio's Lounge
434 N Main St

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