Monday, March 2, 2015

Dale & Candi's Cedar Lodge

Dale & Candi's Cedar Lodge is one of my most favorite locations. It's just far enough away, to feel like you are going on an adventure, but not too far where it feels too out of the way. This time of year, it could be a quick jaunt if you're brave enough to venture the ice. If you head over during summer, a stop at Little Farmer on the way is also a nice delicious bonus. They also have boat pick-up, if you are lucky enough to have that option.

Upon entering Cedar Lodge, it wasn't as packed as it usually was--we just got lucky on that night. We managed to score a spot at the bar within a couple of minutes of being there. I ordered the usual, a brandy old fashioned sour. The bartender grabbed a glass, filled it with ice, a homemade mixture, 2 solid shots of Artisocrat brandy and topped it off with a couple of squirts of soda. The drink was garnished with olives, like I requested.

The drink was perfect. A nice balance of sour, sweet and essence from the bitters. I found out that their homemade concoction is merely water and bitters--no sugar like I thought it might contain. Which, I suppose makes perfect sense, and the drink was not at all sweet. I didn't miss the fruit at the bottom of the class at all. I think I actually might prefer it that way, as the residue doesn't get stuck in the tiny straw. The drink was only $3.50, which is a steal! To top off the experience, they serve Gardetto's -like snack mix. I love those dang rye chips!


Cedar Lodge is a small family establishment with a friendly staff and wonderful homemade food. It is truly a treasure and worth the short trip to get there. 

Rating (out of 5 olives) 

Dale & Candi's Cedar Lodge 
N10872 US 151, Malone 

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