Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mark's East Side


The weather had finally got nice out and we were ready for an adventure. So my Friday friends and I ventured up to Appleton. We may or may not have taken a wrong turn or two, but we made it there!


The place was packed. Of course, it was a Friday during Lent. We had almost 2 hours to enjoy Mark’s bar. Being a professional, I quickly assessed the place and scouted out a couple who had been there awhile. Sure enough, only 15 minutes after being at Mark’s, we scored a table in the corner, where we would enjoy our many old fashioned cocktails.


Each one was made the same. First ice, then a long pour of a cherry substance from an unidentifiable bottle, a shot and half of Christian Brothers, soda and topped with olives. After each drink was made, I wondered why the bottle of bitters that was sitting on the bar was never used. I also, at first, just thought the cherry substance was some form of a Rose’s Grenadine, but the drink didn’t taste like grenadine, so that was weird! 

Finally, after a few drinks and the place was slowing down, I asked the bartender to see the bottle. He said that the bottle was just an empty bottle filled with Mark’s secret recipe; however, if I wanted to come in during the day sometime, Mark would probably share it with me. The drink tasted like a proper-enough old fashioned. It was good enough for me to order several of them.

I wish it had a bit of the froth that comes with a muddled or shook drink, but it was quite enjoyable. It was a bit sweet, probably from that cherry-looking syrup, but not egregiously by any means. The drink was a bit pricey at $4.75, but with that crowd, I can see why they can price their drinks so high. Our overall dinner experience was very enjoyable—I’d definitely make the trip back. I’d even pay for the pricey brandy old fashioned.

This was the perfect Friday night in Wisconsin supper club experience. 

Rating (out of 5 olives)

Mark's East Side 
405 E Wisconsin Avenue, Appleton 

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