Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Packers Pub

Sorry for the delayed post, but life has been busy. Even so, when I heard that Packers Pub was closing, I found time to head over there to have one last brandy old fashioned in this classic Oshkosh establishment.

I grew up in the Milwaukee area, so when I first came to Oshkosh for school, I always got off at the South Park exit, because I was so excited be in town. Packers Pub existed on the corner of South Park and 20th Avenue for the last 40ish years. Sadly it has closed. I say sadly, not because it was a favorite of mine, but I have acquaintances that I know were regulars and I always felt welcome on the few times I imbibed there.

Besides, how can you not like a place with a carpeted bar?

On my last visit, I asked for the usual. The drink was made in a standard highball glass with ice, 1.5 shots of Aristocrat, a few dashes of bitters, a splash of grenadine, soda—and then surprisingly another splash of brandy on top. The bartender asked me for a garnish, I opted for olives. The total with this drink and a captain & coke came to $6.50.

The drink was average, nothing spectacular, but for the price, a great deal. It was nice to enjoy the carpeted bar one last time before it closed. Farewell old friend.

Packers Pub

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