Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Biggar's Supper Club


In a previous entry, I told you about how I crashed the girl's night out at Ruby Owl. While we were hanging out, we were talking about supper clubs and how, for all of us, it had been awhile since we had been to one. They were listing off a bunch, all which I had never been to. So, we decided we needed to go to one.

My friend chose Biggar's Supper Club in Winneconne. So we made the trek.

What a cute place! It 100% felt like a supper club in all the best ways. A huge bar and with small dining area. Behind the bar was a nice, updated wood paneling wall with tasteful Thanksgiving decor. A giant chalk board was in the center that listed all of the specials. On a small bar in a wall nook was a bowl of community spicy, snack blend.

We were pleasantly surprised that the tables in the bar area had a waitress. So we had a few cocktails before dinner. I, of course, ordered the usual. A brandy old fashioned sour with olives.

The drink was made with ice, then a squirt of simple syrup, 3 shakes of bitters and topped off with a nice long pour of brandy and soda.

Because of the simple syrup, the drink was pretty sweet. Surprisingly, it also wasn't very aromatic. Perhaps it needed to be shook to release the bitters?

Even so, the atmosphere of the club required that I keep drinking the old fashioned cocktails. They were definitely good (just not great). Plus the pour was good at $4.25 a cocktail.

Other things to note about Biggar's that makes is special is that they give out 50 cent pieces for change. Plus the bread comes in a koozie (like a drink koozie). Just like Cedar Lodge, you order in the bar, before you are seated in the dining area.

Very quaint. I would go back, no questions asked.

Rating (out of 5 olives)

Biggar's Supper Club
204 W Main St, Winneconne

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