Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The StoneYard Food and Spirits

We all have that place that after work, we go to. For the summer, it was Jeff's. I will miss that place. Seriously, the BEST bartenders. The best food. I could go on. And I have. See here.

Now that we've moved, we need a new place. While visiting our house a few times, we've kept going back to The StoneYard. I think this might be the place (for now, until we explore more). It's not as quaint, and well, as awesome as Jeff's, but it ticks the box for having great boneless wings and that, frankly, is all my husband wants.

We found ourselves there on a Friday and it only seemed right to find out how this place ranks on the blog. So I ordered, the usual, a brandy old fashioned sour, with olives.

I glanced away, only for a moment, and missed the first actions of the drink. I thought I saw her add syrup, a cherry, orange, then 2 and half shots of Aristocrat, then ice, lots (lots!) of bitters, soda and then she vigorously stirred.

The drink was excellent. Everything that one would want in an old fashioned. It wasn't too sweet, so I don't think she actually added syrup. The extra shakes of bitters, really makes the drink shine.

The next few that I ordered, weren't as spectacular, but really, it's only the first one that counts. When she left, the second bartender was not as generous with the brandy. Once again, at that point it didn't matter.

I didn't see the bill, so I'm not sure the price, plus it was happy hour, but I suspect it was in the $4-4.50 range.

Definitely a great place to go on a Friday after work.

Rating (out of 5 olives)

The StoneYard Food and Spirits
N1739 Lily of the Valley Dr., Greenville

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