Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Route 96

While in search of our new "corner" bar we decided to try a bar that actually resides on a corner. Route 96 in Medina.

Never heard of Medina? You aren't the only one.

It's a small joint that was packed on a Friday night. Luckily, we showed up just before everyone else, with enough time to score two spots at the bar. Then suddenly, two DIFFERENT retirement parties show up. I didn't get a chance to explore the place to see how big it was, as I was locked into my corner spot of the bar.

The single bartender was impressive. She kept up with the drinks..all..night..long. I ordered the usual, a brandy old fashioned sour..with olives. She grabbed a pint glass, filled it with ice, added a nice long pour of brandy, followed by two single shakes of the bitters and topped it off with Squirt soda.

Real talk here. We all know that 50/50 is the king of all old fashioned mixers. I mean, check out this lengthy conversation that occurred on Facebook, one December evening.

HOWEVER, Squirt is an acceptable substitute in a bar situation, it's much tastier than Sprite or 7-Up. The drink could have used another shake or two of bitters. But with a price of $4 and the heavy pour of brandy, it's a solid bar-made brandy old fashioned.

As far as the rest of the experience of Route 96? The staff was friendly, the place was hopping, it had good bar food.. but just didn't feel like it would be OUR go-to.

However, I would return... definitely. It's a great establishment to simply, just go drinking and get a basket of deep fried foods. Bonus points, they have a patio! Nothing wrong with that. Cheap, good drinks. Fried food. #wisconsinlife

Rating (out of 5 olives)

Route 96 Bar and Grill
W8899 State Road 96, Medina

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