Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trinity Hall & Restaurant

This particular evening after seeing Argo (5 olives), we decided to head down to Fond du Lac to have dinner and drinks with friends. They suggested going to Trinity, an old Christian church recently transformed into a restaurant. I was slightly hesitant, but we went. We parked, hiked up the classic stone steps into the vestibule of the church. On one side is a pulpit (podium) and the other side is an easel with the nightly specials. I expected the greeters to hand me a church flyer, not to take our reservation. There was to be a 45-minute wait, so to the bar we went. We entered the main portion of the church--the place is absolutely gorgeous. It was obvious that the owners took the time to clean up the church—the wood was polished, the floors were new and the tile was sparkling. The ambiance was amazing with the dim lights, the buzz of the crowd, the mystical music and the sparkling of the crystal tiles. The middle portion of the church (including the choir loft) is the bar and restaurant area. The front of the church, where you would expect to find an alter, has been converted into a room you can rent for a private party. This area also includes a small bar and head table (ahem-alter-ahem).


My friend assured me that the drinks were top notch. I offered to get a round, so I could see exactly how they made their brandy old-fashioned sours. The bartender started by adding a packet of sugar, cherries, orange and rind to a glass. She then added the bitters and vigorously muddled with a wooden pestle. Then a single shot and splash of Aristocrat was added, followed by ice, soda and 2 olives. 

The drink was $5 and served in heavy highball glass. I felt like the glass was slightly larger than average, but I cannot confirm. The drink was definitely tasty and above average. However, with only a single shot, the drink was not as potent as it should be—especially for $5. Strangely enough, when we finally sat down for our meal, I found all of the food items to be quite reasonably priced. So considering the atmosphere was amazing, the food was good, the bartenders were friendly and the joint was unique, the high price for this drink is completely justified. This probably wouldn’t be a place I would pick to drink all night, but I highly recommend coming for a reasonably priced dinner and tasty drinks.

Rating (out of 5)

Trinity Hall & Restaurant
40 East Division Street
Fond du Lac

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