Thursday, May 16, 2013

Magical Map of Delicious Liquids Taxes

I happen to work in the tax field and spend much of my day siphoning through information and determining its importance to tax professionals. The Tax Foundation provides a weekly map of tax rates across the nation. These never cease to capture my attention—perhaps simply it is because I am a nerd.

Nonetheless, I present you with the State Spirits Excise Tax Rates (Dollars Per Gallon) map.

I was pretty impressed to find Wisconsin at $3.25 per gallon, which really makes us (in my mind) #10 of the best states. I find it quite impressive that Vermont & New Hampshire have NO tax on their tasty liquids (making them tied at #49).

The state with the lowest tax is Wyoming at 49 cents per gallon, which is amazing in itself. Comparatively, the most expensive state is Washington at $35.22 per gallon!!! So, most people buy a bottle of liquor in a liter. There are 3.78 liters in a gallon. So you are paying an EXTRA $9 on your liter of brandy in Washington! It is almost worth the drive over to Idaho to save some money. Or if you are in the #2 most expensive state of Oregon, drive south to the #28 state of California and save yourself some major dollars.

If you know me, you know my other favorite sin is gambling. It is notable that California and Nevada have relatively low taxes on their spirits; however, are known for relatively high priced drinks/bottle service at their bars and clubs.

I find this map particularly interesting as President Obama is looking to increase the national cigarette tax to help with the deficit and his education program. Politicians love “sin taxes,” as they find it justifiable to tax something that isn’t the healthiest of items. Watch out spirits, you’re next!

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