Monday, July 7, 2014

Spectators Sports Bar & Grill

There is nothing like leaving work on a sunny cool summer day at 4 p.m. on a Wednesday for happy hour. OK, so that was a little dramatic, but I was definitely looking forward to getting a drink after a long day at work.

Several co-workers and I headed over to Spectators in Greenville to celebrate an achievement and shoot the shit. For a bar in the middle of a cornfield, I was impressed with Spectators. It had tall ceilings, a second floor, bright and for the most part, clean. I ordered the usual.

The bartender grabbed a pint glass and I raised my eyebrows. This would be interesting. She filled the glass three-quarters of the way with ice, followed by 3.5 shots of Aristocrat brandy. Next came a packet of sugar and 4 generous shakes of bitters. The glass was topped with soda. She disappeared into the back and emerged with the drink topped with olives. Hopefully nothing else happened back there…

Surprisingly, the drink was great! It was tart, but the hefty load of brandy was not so prevalent that the drink tasted merely like booze. The heavy-hand of bitters really cut the brandy and that was the perfect amount of sugar. The drink missed the citrus tones that an orange would bring to it. At $3.75, this drink is a steal.

Rating (out of 5 olives)

Spectators Sports Bar & Grill
W6165 Greenville Dr, Greenville, WI 54942

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