Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jansen's Restaurant

Despite Jansen's being a neighborhood bar for me, I've only been there once...which was many moons ago. With a friend visiting, we decided that a fish fry was in order and Jansen's was going to be the place. 

Walking into this corner bar, it is much smaller on the inside than I expected. I really wish I would have gotten a picture, but it is very rectangular, with the bar being the focus of this Wisconsin establishment. There was an unpleasant scent in the breezeway, which luckily did not pass into the bar itself. It was fairly busy on this Friday and no spots at the bar. I ordered the usual, brandy old fashioned sour and I was pleasantly surprised when the bartender asked if I wanted a garnishment. Olives. 

The bartended grabbed a glass and filled it with ice. I cringed--this is never a good sign. Then she filled it more than half way full is Aristocrat brandy, followed by several dashes of bitters, then a splash of store-bought mix. I recognized the bottle (Finest Cal?), but I'm not sure the brand. Either good. The drink was topped with soda and olives. 

My drink wasn't sweet at all. I expected it to be, considering the ingredients. It was definitely strong, but not a drink that I'd recommend. 

The patrons and bar-flies were quite nice folk and so were all of the servers and bartenders I encountered. The place had a decent fish fry that was priced well. My brandy old fashioned and husband's Captain and Coke was $8. Not shabby for the heavy hand on the pouring, but I quickly switched to another drink.

Rating (out of 5 olives)
Jansen's Restaurant 
344 Bowen Street, Oshkosh 

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