Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Jimmies White House Inn

I had never even heard of Jimmies White House Inn prior to a friend asking me if we wanted to go out again for another fish fry and old fashioned night. I doubt I would have found out about this place except for word of mouth, as it truly was a supper club tucked away in the corner of Butte des Morts (butt of the dead).

Jimmies White House Inn is a quick jaunt from Oshkosh and is a legit white house. Upon walking into the foyer, there is a long bar and a polite hostess. We checked in and was told there would be a bit of a wait for our party of 6. Just about an hour. That is not at all egregious on a Friday evening—we expected longer.

There weren’t any spots at the bar, but we still managed to order a round of drinks. Brandy old fashioned sour with olives for me. The bartender grabbed a highball and added a sugar cube, a couple of dashes of bitters, an orange slice and two maraschino cherries. They quickly muddled it building a decent froth. The bartender then added ice, a little over one shot of E&J Brandy and then topped off the drink with soda. She then stirred the drink with a long silver spoon, making it frothy again.

The drink was a bit sweet, but not overly. I could pick out the bitters and the citrus tones in the drink. I don’t mind E&J brandy as a rail bottle at all. It was a very proper Wisconsin old fashioned. My only criticism is that the drink needed about a half of a shot more of brandy and could stand for a couple of more dashes of bitters; however, I am a self-proclaimed bitters-whore. The drink was $4.25.

The drink probably deserves to be only rated at 4 olives for some of the factors listed above. As I stated before, my review is not solely based on the drink, but also the entire experience. Everyone that I encountered at Jimmies White House Inn was overly nice and welcoming. The bar, was gorgeous and offered the most buttery, salty popcorn I’ve had in a long time. The place is a true Wisconsin supper club, only missing a salad bar with cheese spread and a dessert cart—which to be honest, really wasn’t missed. While there was varying opinions on the quality of food, the experience was fun and enjoyable. This place deserves the 5 olive rating.

Rating (out of 5 olives)

Jimmies White House Inn  
5776 Main Street, Butte des Morts


  1. Butte des Morts actually means "hill of the dead," not "butt of the dead." As far as old-fashioneds go, Jan at George's Gaslight Inn makes a fantastic old-fashioned. Also, if you enjoy cinnamon, I would suggest trying a Fireball Old-fashioned. Not ever place has Fireball, but off-hand I can tell you that George's does, along with Fratellos (any location) and the Black Otter in Hortonville. Enjoy!

    1. Cheryl - Thanks for the comment. I was joking with the butt joke, I promise I am not that dense.

      Thanks for the recommendations. I've actually reviewed George's: http://oldfashionedoshkosh.blogspot.com/2013/04/george-gaslight-inn.html

      and Fratello's Fieldhouse: http://oldfashionedoshkosh.blogspot.com/2013/03/fratellos-fieldhouse.html