Monday, June 6, 2016

Idlewile Inn

On a rainy spring day, we decided to take a road trip and try out a supper club that our friends love to rave about. Tucked away in small town is Idlewile Inn. The Inn still has it's original tile floors and ornate woodwork from 1868. The place has floor to ceiling windows in the dining area and is simply gorgeous.
Before dinner, we had a few cocktails. I ordered a brandy old fashioned sour. The bartender made it by first adding two shots of Aristocrat brandy, topped it with a splash of grenadine, a few shakes of bitters, ice, and topped it with soda and olives.

It was boozy and not finely crafted. But the price was right at $4 for two full shots in a tiny cocktail glass. I switched to wine after having two cocktails. I wouldn't recommend making the drive out to Idlewile for their old fashioneds, but the rest of our experience was wonderful!

In true super club fashion, the table had crackers, breadsticks and butter waiting for us when we sat down. After we ordered, we had home-made breads, then soup. I ordered the sinfully delicious chicken enchilada. Then came the salad—I requested the home-made parmesan peppercorn. For my main course, I ordered the shrimp scampi and it was amazingly garlicky.

The experience was definitely a 5, but the old fashioned was only mediocre.

Rating (out of 5 olives)

Idlewile Inn
1306 Main St, St Cloud

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